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About me
I was born in southern part of India. I always have been a dreamer and dreamt of the most amazing things. I still do!  I really love my double life. Many people who know me in real don’t know that I am a youtuber and that I love blogging. I feel like a super (wo) man. The most amazing thing about being out there is making so many friends from many different places and being able to give advice to people.

My full name:
Snigdha, means Soft and Tender

Nick names:
My parents call me Sweetie
Hubby calls me Bujji which means the loved one (Cheesy!)
My friends call me Snigdha, Snigs, Sniggi

Do you have kids?
No, I don’t

What made you start YouTube?
I have always loved makeup. Before starting to make videos, I had been watching them for over a year on YouTube. One day my husband suggested that I should make videos as well. I thought it was a good idea as at that time there were less YouTube gurus with Asian brown skin tone.

What made you start the blog?
It was started as a beauty blog but now I have converted it as a Lifestyle blog. I want to record everything on my blog. It would be something I can look at and smile when I get old and also show my grandchildren that their grandmother was not always “an old hag”

What do your tattoos mean?
I have two tattoos in total. One is on my left arm; it is a colourful butterfly (You can’t see the colours until you see it from close). I believe that life is colourful and beautiful and the butterfly indicates that.
The second one is on the right hand wrist. It’s a letter D with two hearts. It is my husband’s name’s initial (Cheesy again!)

What is your favourite makeup brand?
It sounds like a cliché but its MAC. What I like about MAC is that it caters all types of skin tones. So everyone has something to find there. From drugstore brands Revlon is hands down my favourite.

What is your favourite high street brand in clothing?
I love love love Zara. I feel that their designs are really classy. I know! Most of the designs are taken from “in-trend” high end brands, but I really like how they do it and make them affordable.
I really like H&M to shop for passing trends. If feel like trying out a particular trend and if I know that I don’t want to spend a lot on it, that’s when I go to H&M

Who is your favourite designer?
To be honest, I don’t own a single clothing item from high end designers but I really like Victoria Beckham for her dresses, Chanel for their jackets and Alexander Wang in general.

What’s on your lust list?
Lady Dior bag from Dior
Chanel classic flap bag
Just need a basic pair of black/nude pumps from Christian Louboutin.

Other hobbies:
I love reading, I am a hardcore fan of bollywood films, cooking (occasionally) and travelling

Here are a few FAQs
Let me know if you have any other questions


  1. its nice to know your all post

    1. hi u? pls visit my blog...i have just posted summer hair care tips and summer hair accessory for this session..i hope you like...i rally love you post specially your iPhone photography..i just love them....waiting for new one....bye dear...take care...

  2. Hi Snigdha, I stumbled upon your channel on youtube couple of days ago and have watched most of your videos by now.I admire what you do and you are really inspiring... keep posting! Good luck with everything!x

  3. Hey Singhdha, Great to see you here ! I have jus started to do my makeup and you are truly inspiring .. Love your videos..Great job keep rocking

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! I know next to nothing about makeup, so I'm glad that I've found yours:) Also, love the travel pictures, they look absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the great work :)

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  5. Hi Snigdha, you have a beautiful blog. You are doing great job. Lovely to know you are a blogger from south india living perhaps in UK?


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