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Spending Time With Myself

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You may be single or have a partner, you may have children or you may not, sometimes we all crave for some quality time for ourselves.

Recently, I went through a similar experience, where life became a bit overwhelming and tiring. I was dedicating all my time towards work and family, which I enjoy but I was burning out.
So one day I thought that enough is enough and decided to spend some quality time with myself. I planned it in such a way that I incorporated everything that I love. So here is how the day went- first of all, I took a day off from work (it was much needed) but instead of sitting at home, I woke up at my usual time and got ready in comfortable clothes.


I left home at the usual time that I do everyday, took a tube and left for Covent Garden.


One of my favourite places in London is Covent Garden, I love it due to the vibe in the area- there are amazing shops, standalone Dior, Chanel and Burberry makeup showrooms, there is this Jubilee market where antiques can be bought and then there are street performers surrounded by excited children and adults.


After reaching Covent Garden, the first thing that I did was to go and have an amazing breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs, salmon and coffee. I had also decided to make this day a technology free day, so even though I was carrying my phone, there were no Instagram posts or stories. Instead, I read a book while eating my breakfast. I also spent some time people watching and looking at the Pigeons (No, it’s not random, Viaan loves pigeons and gets excited when he sees them ) and thinking of Viaan.


After breakfast, I went to the Dior store, spent some time talking to the sales assistant and bought couple of things from the store. As it was quite early in the day, the sales assistant was able to spend some quality time with me and we were able to try loads of make up on me. Now I have a huge wishlist!!!


Then I proceeded to do some more of the stuff that I love and that’s SHOPPING! I didn’t buy anything but did loads of window shopping, tried few things and then more window shopping.


Afternoon was much more fun filled than the morning. From Covent Garden, I went to Chancery Lane to meet a friend for lunch. The lunch was filled with loads of gossip and chatter. Spending quality time with friends is my favourite thing to do. From there I went to Leicester Square to watch a film. The previous day, I had booked a ticket for Spider- Man: Homecoming at Odeon cinema, so went ahead and watched the film. Before going in, I picked up some popcorn and some sweeties 🙂 I have to say, the movie was aaahhhhmmmaaazzzingggg!!! I thought it would be bit weird to watch a film on my own at the cinema, it wasn’t at all! Actually, there was another girl who came to watch it, in my row, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.


By the end of the film, it was time to go home. So I directly went to the tube station and went back home. Viaan was waiting for me, I immediately hugged him and said ‘I love you’.
I felt good, relaxed and rejuvenated. It was a good decision to take some time off for myself, I was ready to give back double the amount of love and care to my family.


I want to give the same suggestion to everyone- to be able to love someone 100%, we have to love and care for ourselves first.


I am looking forward to more of ‘me’ days 🙂


What do you guys do to pamper yourself? What’s your ideal day when you want to spend it on your own?


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