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Is Curly Hair Not Professional?

autumn winter fashion 2017

I was born with thick curly hair and most of the time I try to wear my hair naturally curly. As many of you know I recently cut my hair short and it’s purely because I get bored if I keep the same hairstyle for a long time. I have done it all – coloured my hair burgundy, got some blond bits, got it fried and burnt, grew it upto my waist length, straightened it to death and also enjoyed leaving my hair naturally curly– Yes, my hair has seen it all.


When I got pregnant, I decided to grow my hair long so that I can tie it in a bun when ever I didn’t have time to style my hair (Honestly, it was quite helpful). So I had long hair for almost 2 years and I got so bored that I decided to cut it short. It happened almost 6 weeks ago and I am quite happy with the change. I got 100% positive response for my haircut, everyone loved it and told me that my hair looks gorgeous. Obviously I was happy!


While people were telling me how good my hair looks, my office manager told me that my hair looks very professional now (I was wearing my hair naturally curly before the hair cut)- I didn’t think much about it and took it as a compliment. Later some of my neighbours told me that my hair cut looks very professional as it’s very sleek and straight.


After a while I changed my job and while chatting away with my new colleagues, I mentioned that my hair is naturally curly. Some of them where surprised and said that they could never imagine me with curly hair as my current straight hair gives a ‘I mean business’ vibe.


All these comments made me think- Why is a person with curly hair not deemed a professional?


Why is curly hair always associated with having fun or being crazy?


I have watched some Hindi films where the lead actress has curly hair and the ‘hero’ doesn’t show much interest on her. Then she goes through a transformation where her hair turns sleek and straight and suddenly she starts getting all the attention. I find this so weird!

I am glad that Kangana Ranaut is the only actress who embraces her curls on the big screen and changing the trend.


Personally, I like curly hair as well as straight hair. I will be bored if I stick to one type but what intrigues me is how the people get stereotyped based on the hair type/style/cut they have.


What are your thoughts on it? Let me know!

_________________________________________________ OUTFIT DETAILS ____________________________________


I am in love with this jumper. It’s a perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. It’s warm, cosy, stylish and the colour is gorgeous, I have been wearing it ever since I bought it. I paired it with a velvet skirt which is a major trend for autumn winter 2017.


Hat: H&M

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Topshop

Bag: Chanel (Watch the review here )


autumn winter 2017



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4 responses to “Is Curly Hair Not Professional?”

  1. Devisree says:

    Aaawww snigdha, this post made me totally confused as I am going for a hair cut this Saturday 😁 Mine is a naturally curly hair and I hate straight hair.. though once in a while when I get bored of my curls I straighten it and can enjoy that for hardly 2 days 🙂 Now again am kind of bored with curls and thinking to shorten it and I love bangs but not sure how to incorporate short curls and bangs 🤔🤔 Do you have any suggestions?? And about your hair ,you look gorgeous in both curl and straight.. quite impressed with how you are carrying on with it.To conclude I must say having curly hair is a blessing which is from my experience most of the ladies out there feel jealous of…So be proud of being a curly hair girl and play with as much as you love to do …

  2. Richa says:

    I can totally relate. I’ve naturally curly hair but too much straightening has ruined my hair. I wish I could go back to being all natural but trust me I look like a scary ghost from a Hindi horror movie with my natural hair🙈. You look gorgeous AND “professional ” in both hair styles so rock it babe👍

  3. Ramya says:

    You look super cute Snigdha. I agree with you on the curly/ straight hair discussion. I think both are professional.

  4. Sugarcandy says:

    I can totally understand what you are saying i also have thick curly hair. I think curly hair looks unruly & unmanageable & frizzy which might not give a professional look. I hardly straighten my hair though.
    Ppl think curly hair girls arent classy😈 for a work setup. How do u wear your curly hair after the haiwash day??

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