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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Must do things in Santorini

'Life isn't about how many breathes you take but about the moments that take your breathe away'

Almost more than 3 years ago, we went to the most beautiful place (or atleast this is the most beautiful place we have been to, so far!) on the planet- SANTORINI. While we were there, I posted day to day blog posts on what we did, wore and ate. However, it's not a consolidated list of things to do/see in Santorini. Since then I have received massive number of emails and messages asking for suggestions and I have replied to each and every email. FINALLY, I have decided to write an article on top 10 things to do in Santorini. It will save me from individually replying to everyone :)

1) Stay in Oia

When someone says Santorini, we picture white buildings, blue windows and azure ocean, and my friends, THIS place is Oia(pronounced as Ia). We stayed in Oia and never regretted it for a bit.
Oia is so picturesque that it feels like heaven, we never got bored of the views it had to offer.
It's the luxury part of the island with expensive shops, restaurants and hotels, especially main/touristy part of Oia.

This place looks even more beautiful in the evenings. All the hotels light up their pools and the light blue pools turn into electric blue colour - the view is magical!

The alternative to staying in Oia is to base yourself in Fira and come to Oia on a day trip. There are many ways to commute to Oia

  • Take a boat
  • Take a taxi
  • Hire a car, quad bike or a bike (I will talk about it more in the upcoming section)

Just be aware that if you take a boat, you may have to take quite a few stairs to reach the actual place.  There is another option - to take a donkey/mule instead of taking stairs

2) Enjoy the sunset in Oia

You stay in Oia or not, make sure to go there to enjoy the sunset. They say that Oia has the most stunning sunsets in the entire world. Even though I haven't see all the sunsets in this world, I can vouch and say that it's definitely beautiful.

There are lots of seaside cafes and bars where you can sit and watch the sun setting in, while enjoying your drink. All the vantage points can get busy with people who want to watch the sunset, so it's better if you get there early. Trust me, even though it gets crowded, it's totally worth it!

All the days while we were on the island, we never missed a single sunset. We chose a different spot everyday to watch it. It's definitely romantic too!

3) Explore the markets in Fira

Fira is the capital town of Santorini. It's more populated/crowded than other places in Santorini. All the people who don't stay in Oia, stay in Fira, especially the young people who love partying.
This town is famous for its markets, especially the 'gold' market which is full of gold shops, as the name says! We had fun walking around the shops, eating my favourite ice-cream (chocolate chip cone). It's a good day out option.

Fira also offers an amazing view of the Caldera (the volcano).

4) Beaches of Perrisa and Kamari

If you are a beach bum then this island offers many options. The two main beaches are in Perrisa and Kamari and they are beautiful. You can do all the usual beach-y stuff here with an added advantage of beautiful view of the hills.

We chose to go on jet ski ride while we were at one of the beaches. Oh boy! It was funnn!

5) Boat trip to Caldera, hot sprints and Thirassia 

This is one of the most enjoyable things that we did on our trip. It's a boat trip to Caldera (the volcano). The boat trip that we took had 3 things to offer:

  • Tour of caldera
 This boat takes you to the caldera and from there a seasoned guide takes for a walking tour of the volcano. This is one of the unique experiences- to be actually walking on top of a dormant volcano. During the walk, history of the island and the volcano is told by the guide. It was extremely interesting and exciting, not to mention the amazing views.

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes, hat and carry a bottle of water

  • Swim in the hot springs
The boat also takes you to the hot springs, mostly after the tour of Caldera. The sulphur in the water makes it warm. What I found exhilarating was the part where we had to jump off the boat into the cold sea water and swim towards the warm parts of the water. One downside to this is, the water at the springs has pungent smell due to the amount of sulphur. 

  • Visit Thirassia- the fishermen's village
The boat also stops at a fishermen's village called Thirassia. There isn't much to see there, but fresh seafood is available there and it's away from all the touristy crowds. Oh and did I say, it has stunning views?!

6) Explore the Island on your own by a car/bike/quad bike

We love exploring a place in our own pace and in our own style, this helps us in finding hidden gems.
Believe it or not, we explored the island on 3 different days using three different means (car, bike, quad bike). We enjoyed all three, but quad bike was our favourite :)

7) Enjoy the food

If you are in Fira, try gyros and souvlaki. In Oia, there are many good bakeries and most of them are family owned. Pick any item from these bakeries and it would be ahhhmmaaazzzing!!!!
Other things to try are greek yogurt with honey, lamb shank, greek style potatoes, greek coffee and tomato fritters.
Honestly, writing this piece is making me hungry :D

8) Take loads of pictures

This is one place where you HAVE to take as many pictures as possible. The place has so many backgrounds to offer- white walls, blue skies, blue doors, sunsets and azure sea.

Hope I have convinced you all to take a trip to Santorini soon?!


  1. Hey Snigda! Love your blog :) What camera do you use to take these photos? They're stunning!


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