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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Places to see in NYC- Part 1

Almost a month ago, I was in NYC and it was one of my surreal experiences. I have been wanting to go to NYC ever since I was a kid, and my dream came true. Recently, I posted a video that I filmed there and most of you guys loved it. So I thought of writing this blog post suggesting the places you can go to when you are in NYC next time. This is going to be a two part article with some obvious places to visit and some not so obvious!

1) 9/11 memorial

This is a place built as a memorial for all the 9/11 victims. It's a beautiful memorial filled with peace and sombre. It's befitting all the victims who lost their life. All the names of the victims have been engraved on the walls surrounding the waterfalls. It made us very emotional and the full weight of the tragedy dawned upon me.

This is a must visit to remind ourselves that human life is fragile.

2) Wall street bull/Charging bull

Even before I stepped foot in NYC, I knew, I had to take a picture in front of this bull. All my friends who have ever visited New York have bombarded my Facebook feed with their pictures in front of bull. Honestly, there is nothing much to it, just a charging bull!

3) Walk on Brooklyn bridge

Walking/Cycling on THE Brooklyn bridge is a must thing to do. You'll get to see the best views of New York sky line. Don't forget to go to the bridge late in the evening. Who ever said that the best things in this world are free, is absolutely right!

4) American Museum of Natural History

I am a museum nerd and I can spend my entire life going from one museum to another. It won't come as a surprise that I acted like a kid in a candy store when I was in this museum. It caters to both children and adults, and the best part is that it was featured in the film 'Night at the museum'.

Oh, and did I say that I got to see some Jurassic action there!

5) Picnic at Central Park

I know I know, how can you get a picnic basket and blanket when you are a tourist in a city? Chill! All you need is to pick up your lunch and drink, walk into the park and have your lunch surrounded by greenery.  Very serene!

6) Grand Central

I'll say that this is a must visit. It's a train station but the architecture is beyond beautiful. It's mesmerising! This was also featured in one of my favourite films- Madagascar- Do you remember the scene when Alex and his friends try to take a train from this station, to escape the zoo?

7) Statue of Liberty

I know that this is something that's already on your list, so I won't say anything about it :)

8) Empire state building

You have to go there to see handsome men taking selfies. Lol...I am jk:)

It's my favourite building in entire NYC. Not only it is beautiful from outside, the views from top of the building are awesome. 

That's it for now!

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