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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Prague- Underground nuclear bunker, John Lennon wall and Kafka museum

Out of the five days that we stayed in Prague, this day was the most enjoyable day as I experienced  and saw surreal things. We started the day by going to the most gorgeous church- St. Nicholas. I am soon going to post a video from Prague where you'll be able to see the full gorgeousness of the church, this picture doesn't even do any justice.

Then we went to the Kafka museum. Kafka is one of my favourite authors, so I thoroughly enjoyed the museum learning about his life and experiences. If you love literature, then this museum is a must go when you are in Prague. 

Outside the museum there is also a David Cerny's sculpture - Peeing Statues. Many people come to the museum just to see the installations. Quite interesting, I must admit!

Later we also went to the Kampa museum and came across more installations by David Cerny and obviously we had to pose funnily next to them. After lunch we went to see the John Lennon wall, cannot believe a wall has so much history and represents symbols of love and peace. 

Then comes the most interesting experience of my life, we got to go the underground nuclear bunker built during the WW II and got to see the equipment, uniforms, gas masks. It was built out of fear and precaution in case a nuclear war breaks out but thankfully they never had to use it. This is a must go tour if you ever go to Prague. This tour includes a tour on communism too. 

The day was full of fun, wonderful experiences and information. 

If you want to read about my experiences from other days, read it here.

St. Nicholas Church

David Cerny's Peeing Statues

Kafka Museum

Kampa Museum

David Cerny's Babies

John Lennon wall

Nuclear Bunker

Inside nuclear bunker

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