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Thursday, 23 October 2014

3 days in Rome- Day 1

Couple of weeks ago, I posted on Instagram, a picture of mine at the British Citizenship ceremony. Now we are British citizens and we have our new passports. We are quite excited as this is an opportunity for us to travel to more than 170 countries without a visa. It makes the whole process of planning for a holiday/travel, less stressful and less expensive. 

This being said, we are definitely going to miss our Indian passports as they were the reminder of the dates and places we have been to. I remember spending time with my husband, with Indian passport in hand, going through each page, each visa stamp and getting nostalgic about the place we went to, I am going to miss those times!!!

Now coming back to the topic of our new British passports- we decided to celebrate the occasion by going on a short break to Rome because it was still around 25 degrees there.  (This time we zoomed through the immigration).  As the trip was short (3 days), we decided to make most if it. We wanted to cover the famous monuments/places, as well as the side lanes, as we believe that side lanes offer the best food, views and culture of a city with a good opportunity to mingle with the locals. 

We decided to stay in a hotel that was in the city centre so that we could reach to any place easily. The places that we went to were: 

1) Pantheon: - It is a Roman Catholic church known as Santa Maria Rotanda. I believe that this is my favourite building in Rome, especially the dome, which is open from the top and natural light comes in through it. There is an internal drainage system that takes care of the rain as well.

2) Piazza Venezia:- We didn't go inside the building just walked around it and took some pictures. 

3) Trevi Fountain:- Yes, there are no pictures of it on my post because, unfortunately, it was closed and had scaffolding around it. I have heard that it's one of the most beautiful monuments in Rome, so maybe next time...

4) Lunch:- Picked up a nice restaurant on the side alley way near to Trevi fountain. I had a garlic and chilli Spaghetti and it was out of this world. After that we went to a Gelato place called Valentino. Trip advisor has given it a very high rating but we felt that it was pretty mediocre.

5) Vatican City: It is recommended to pre book a guided tour to Vatican to avoid the long queues under the sun. We took a cab to Vatican from Rome and met our tour guide at the entrance. There were 10 people with us. I have to say, our guide was brilliant and explained everything really well. We spent more than 6 hours in Vatican and it was well worth it.

6) Dinner: We returned to Rome for dinner and booked a table at a restaurant with a view of Pantheon, in the square. All I have to say is that view was brilliant, food was crap.

We were tired by the end of day 1 but were looking forward to the next day with enthusiasm!

I am wearing:

Dress: &Other Stories
Sunglasses: Prada
Handbag: Fab India (Styled differently here)
Bangle and sandals: India
Lipstick: Bourjois matt lipgloss in Framboise
Photography: Dinesh Reddy

 Beautiful streets of Rome


 Piazza Venezia

 St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican

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  1. Nice dress. But everyone around you is dressed super casual like in shorts and t-shirts. Do you feel comfortable dressing up while travelling?

    1. Thank you :) Yes, I wear something only when I feel comfortable and confident in it:)

  2. Nice pictures ! Mouthwatering food :P

    1. Thanks Srinivas! The food was amazing!!!


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