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Monday, 4 August 2014

What to wear in Turkey?

I did my bit of a research on what to wear in Turkey before arriving there. I read mixed recommendations on what should be worn and what should be avoided. There is no doubt in the fact that Turkey is one of the liberal nations however many people suggested that it's better to dress modestly. Some people also went ahead and said "If you can wear something in New York City then you can wear it in Turkey too!"

I decided to do this post on my observation and what I wore in Turkey.  I believe in respecting the culture of a country so I too wore the clothes that would cover my body properly. Also, I kept in mind that I had a lot of walking to do from one tourist attraction to another, take the trams and navigate my way through millions of people, that's why most of my outfits consist of trousers instead of dresses. 

What would you wear in Turkey?

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