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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Istanbul: Our Grand Bazar Experience

During our time in Istanbul, we spent a day going to Topkapi museum and the Grand bazaar. You will find a lot of material on the internet to know about the places. Personally, I loved the Topkapi Palace museum for what it had to offer. Standing in the queues was worth it! Both of us  felt like this after seeing the jewellery section of the museum and the view from the top of the palace was amazing!!! The serene blue water in the background was straight out of some bollywood film (Yes, I love bollywood films).

Then we ventured into the world famous Grand Bazaar. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by it. You will know what I mean if you are from India or any other south Asian countries. The place was extremely busy with loads of tourists, hiked up prices and rude shopkeepers. Believe it or not, I didn't buy a single thing. I can also understand why some people may love it, it's different from all the modern shopping places we are used to.

Next time I go to the Grad bazaar, I will be prepared to haggle. Lol!

Enjoy the pictures!

I am wearing:

Top: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Primark
Lipstick: All Fired Up by MAC


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