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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Closet Revisit: Sprint/Summer Must Haves 2014

When a trend hits the market, some of us just run to the shops and buy them immediately. I am not saying that following a trend is wrong but before buying something it's always a good idea to shop your closet. I always do it because at the end of the day- what are trends? Trends are just returning fashion. 

So this time I decided to revisit my closet and pull out the oldies that are the must haves of the season, here is the list:

1) Distressed Jeans

We all have this in our closets, if not, pull out an old pair of jeans and make your own torn jeans. All you need is a scissors and a cheese grater. 

2) Sheer panelled clothes

3) Dungarees:

Have you ever painted your house? If yes, then I am sure you own a pair of these beauties. Pull your pair out of the closet, wash 'em and wear 'em! Simples!

4) Florals: We all have something floral in our collection. Skirts, trousers, tops or scarves, anything would do.

5) Wide Legged Trousers:

6) Pastels: Errrrr... I have to admit this is one thing that I've bought this year as I didn't have anything pastel-y in my collection. In my opinion this cute bag is a perfect addition to the collection of my handbags.

Hope you all enjoyed the post!

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