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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cotswolds in a day

Canola fields London

Easter weekend is a long weekend here in the UK and being lovers of exploring places, hubby and myself decided to go to Cotswolds. It was my first ever trip to  the English countryside and oh man! I am bowled over by its beauty and serenity and not to mention the canola fields.

We covered the most beautiful places on the first day. So if any one of you is planning a trip for a day to Cotswolds then these are the places to go. 

1) An impromptu stop at a Canola field

If you are in the UK and travel on a motorway during the spring time then you must have seen the vast fields of Canola on both sides of the road. I was always tempted to stop the car and walk through the fields but couldn't do it unless we wanted to get penalised for stopping on the motorway. Anyway, on the interior roads on our way to Cotswolds, we found this paradise aka the expanse of yellow beauty. We love the unplanned stops during our travel and that's what we did again-stopped our car to take all the beauty in. You can see for yourself how excited I look!

2) Arlington Row: Bibury

When you google Cotswolds then this is the most common picture that comes up. Arlington Row is based in a tiny village called Bibury and is famous for this row of houses made of Cotswolds stones. People actually live in those houses. I wonder how annoying it must be for those people to have so many tourists surrounding their houses and taking the pictures but hey! it's not our fault if their houses are located in such a beautiful place:)




I can't imagine doing a post without showing what I am wearing :P

There are many tea rooms all over Cotswold and went to one during each day of our stay. Of all the tea rooms we went to, the William Morris tea room was the best! Everything about it was so enchanting- the building, the interiors and of course the tasty homemade cakes and tea. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures but you must go there if you ever go to Bibury.  

 3) Bourton on the  Water

The highlight of Burton on the water is it's ankle deep water with ducks in it and loads of tea room, pubs and shops on both sides of the canal. The day on which we went there it was quite sunny and there was no dearth of people especially children. Can you spot an Indian family having fun?

This is one of those romantic places(if you can ignore all the people around you) where you can hold hands with your partner and just sit there soaking up the gorgeousness. 

family day out

I am wearing:

Top, Jeans, Trench: Zara
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Prada
Footwear: (Styled them here too)
Ring and Necklace: Accessorize

Enjoyed this post? Come back for more stories on Cotswold and I promise that will feature this cute little being here.

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  1. hey hi jus came across ur blog...i loved it...could u plz tell which camera and lens u use to take ur pic..they r lovely....!


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