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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Favourites By Dinesh

Hi Gorgeous ladies,

Before I mention my favourite pictures from the posts that Snig did till date, I want to give you all a bit of background about the photographs that we take.

It's  always fun to take pictures where ever we go out, particularly to other countries. The photos help us to capture memories,  which when we look back makes us to relive the moments again. 

Initially we used to feel a bit shy to take the pictures of the outfits in odd locations where passing by strangers would stare at us and may be thinking what's there to take photograph here :) but after some instances we got used to it and now we just have fun while taking the pictures and ignore all the stares that we get. 

Below are few of my favourite outfits with a stand out picture from each shoot, I am also going to give a brief reason why it's my favourite photo.

This is my top favourite in recent times, not for the outfit but for the fun and energy that Mrs. showed here. Also the way that we took this, stopped abruptly in the middle of no where after seeing this beautiful sunflower fields while  we were driving in Italy.

This one is because of the bright blue colour slit skirt neutralised by whit coloured top with the backdrop of stone paved walls in some street in Chianti.

In here solely for the scarf which elevates the bland back outfit and gave the look much needed colours complimented by mighty Celine & Prada

I promised Snig to buy a black saree few years ago and it took a while until we found this during our trip to India , I like the simplicity yet elegance that this brings to the whole look.

I really like the look and the style that Mrs.Poser gave here

The red backdrop really enhanced the already gorgeous looking outfit & colour buddy Prada

Purely for Mrs.Poser's pose and  for white grass flowers backdrop

I like this one as we had a very good time in Richmond when we took this picture and also the simple dress with bright colour and flower work on the shoulder gave modern yet comfortable appearance.

These are my picks for now and hopefully I will come back with few more some time later!



  1. Snig .. nice post by Dinesh :) loved all d pics

  2. Credits to the photographer too! :)

    1. Ofcourse!!! I will convey the message to my husband :)


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