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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Styling Prints 101

We all get a bit intimidated when we have to incorporate prints into our everyday outfits. Don't worry, I am here to give you some tips and tricks of styling prints.

1) Horizontal/Vertical stripes -  What? Didn't you expect that I will include a stripy top in my list? Anything that is not made of a solid colour and has some design on it can be categorised into prints. See, that was easy. Keep scrolling for more interesting looks.
See the full post here

2) A dress with tiny print on it. If you slowly want to move towards the prints world, start with monochrome. It won't be as daunting as wearing colourful print and another advantage is that it can be easily worn in winters due to the colour scheme.

Check the full post here

3) Ok, so have you followed the first two steps successfully? Now it's time to go valiant and embrace colourful prints. To balance out the outfit, pair with something simple so that only one piece in your entire outfit is highlighted.

Check when I wore this outfit to Bubbledogs and again on my birthday.

Blue pants were worn here, when I wrote about battle between trousers and pants

4) Play with the fall and cut. Again, make your printed piece central to the outfit and style everything around it.

Wore it to Camden this summer, check the full post here

5) Printed/Floral skirts- Apply the same ideas as above, of making the skirt your central piece. Wear it with tights in the winter and you are good to go.

Check the full post here, which shows me loitering around canary Wharf

 6) Still not convinced? Not confident? The easiest way is to include an accessory. For ex: Scarf or a handbag.

I hope you all will follow the tips and wear print more often. 

Fun Question: Can you count the number of times I have used the word prints in the entire post?


  1. pretty combinations :) i really like the printed dress and colorful scarf.


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