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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Tattoos story!

Tattoos are a very interesting concept, you either love them or hate them. As you can tell, I love them.

I am not a huge fan of large sized tattoos or a sleeve but I absolutely adore dainty ones with a meaning to it.

I know many people want to get tattoos done but they are a bit hesitant because
  • Tattoos are for the life time and what if you don't like them in future?
  • The professional life might not allow it
  • People can judge you
I am over all the above issues, I am happily settled in a career where my teeny tiny tattoos don't bother anyone. I was never really bothered about other factors anyway!

So here is the story behind my three tattoos

1. Butterfly: Upper arm

I got the first one done back in 2009. It is a colourful butterfly. The colour is not visibile due to the dark skin on my arm.

Story: I believe in the motto "Life is colourful and live it to the fullest " . Life is full of challenges and  happiness that makes it colourful. What else can be more colourful than a butterfly?

2. Letter "D": Wrist

The initial of my husband's name

Story: There is no major story behind it. I love him:)

3. Live : Side of the wrist

Story: I love this quotation from Oscal wilde "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all" So I tattooed the word live to remind myself to live each and every day of my life.

What is your opinion on tattoos?


  1. Hi even i love to have a tiny tatto like the butterfly or a heart symbol, does it heart too bad?

    1. Hey! Go for it! It doesn't hurt much, especially if it's a small one. When I was getting my first tattoo done, the tattoo artist said to me "Remember this, You can bear the pain of a baby birth, so this is nothing."


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