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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Food, fun and Franciscan church in Florence

On our last day in Florence we started our day by visiting Santa Croce Cathedral which is one of the largest Franciscan church in the whole world.  It is famous because many well known and honorary people belonging to Florence were buried here, which includes people like Galileo Galilei and Dante'. It was quite interesting to know that so many famous people are commemorated here.

After lunch we went to visit the Bargello museum. This museum consists of fine collection of ceramics and art work however taking pictures was not allowed, so I just took one picture coming out of the building.

The man must be thinking "What the hell is she doing in the middle of the road?" The credit goes to my husband for making me stand there.

Then with my dead feet, I dragged myself to Piazza del Signoria. Trust me, visiting museums can be wonderful but very tiring as well and it was our third day going in and out of museums. Piazza del Signoria is an open place with replicas of famous statues and place for the visitors to sit under some shade. We sat there for a lot of time admiring the beauty of all these ancient statues. Also we were people watching which both my hubby and I love.

The picture below is the replica of a famous statue called "David" whose original is housed in Accademia Gallery  that we visited on our first day in Florence.

After resting for a while, we bought some Gelatos and walked towards Ponte Vecchio.

On the way, my husband got me some real leather gloves too...Excited!!!

Late in the evening we found the statue of this boar and I had to take this picture with an obligatory

All and all I loved Florence for it's history, museums, cathedrals and beautiful streets and alleyways. This is not exactly a relaxing holiday as we had to be on our feet the whole time. However I loved it as I explored a lot in the city and I like to learn new things.

Top: Primak
Skirt: (I wore this here too!)
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Footwear: New look
Bag: Zara
Ring: Primark


  1. It looks like a lovely trip - thank you for sharing it! The food is drool worthy. And you look like a model! -Nalini

  2. Absolutely stunning pics... Can you show all the stuff you bought in Florence, espcially the gloves for which its famous ?


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