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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Picnic ideas in London: Richmond Park

Have you ever had a feeling that you had enough of technology, work and crowd? That's what I have been experiencing since past one month and I was desperate for some calm and relaxation in life.

That's why I decided to go on a picnic with my husband to Richmond park, away from everything else. Just him, me , trees, birds, deer and loads of food. 

If you are from London then you should definitely go to Richmond park. It offers so much to everyone. There is a jogging track for the people interested in it, cycle hire to cycle around in the park and obviously go on a picnic with family, friends or your partner.

That's what I did. Packed items to eat, a book to read and scrabble. Both my husband and me are a huge fan of scrabble

We started early so that we could find a parking spot at the park, it can get really busy during the sunny days.Once we got the spot, took the bags and searched for a spot that was away from everything else.

We laid our blanket on the grass, took out the cushions and the food. I read a book while eating. The only noise we could hear was crickets and birds. Trust me, it was the most amazing feeling ever. Feeling serene and calm.

After we were full, we played a game of scrabble, which I won! Woohoo! By that time we had spend almost 5 hours lying down-eating-reading-eating-playing-chatting-eating. Then we went back to the car park, dropped our bags and decided to walk around.

While walking we came across a place called Pembroke Lodge where we decided to have some afternoon tea and scones, with a beautiful view in front of us. Later we went for a walk to the deer park. It's an area in Richmond park with hundreds of deer in it. The sight of the deer made me jump with joy.

Finally, both of us were so content that we had an amazingly peaceful day away from computer, ipad, phones and any other house chores.

While leaving I had an ice cream...Yayyy...Everything about the day was perfect! Enjoy the pictures.

Note: I will post the outfit pictures later.


  1. lovely pic enjoyed a lot.....

  2. I love these pictures! They really give the impression of a perfectly sublime day for a picnic! :)


    1. Thanks Richa...It was a perfect day!!!


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