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Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Summer Essentials

This weekend has been beautiful here in the UK, my friends and myself took this as an opportunity and decided to go on a girly weekend to Oxford. We all thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent and ancient architecture of the university, the museum, walks around the city and ofcourse the sunshine. As I knew that the weekend was going to be blazing, I was all ready to embrace it with my summer essentials. Here are my essentials that helped me go through a warm weekend:

a) Sunglasses: This is a must have. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and any exposure to sun can lead to it's damage, leading to premature wrinkles and sun burn. Moreover, sunglasses can completely change the look, so why not? Sunglasses should always have UV rays protection. I love classic aviators

b) Sunscreen: Sun block is a must have even on cloudy days.  I apply it on top of my moisturiser and 10 mins before leaving the house. My favourite is La Rosche Posay and La Mer.

c) Tinted moisturiser: On a hot sweaty day, I can't be bothered to slap on makeup so tinted moisturiser is the way to go. My favourite is from Laura Mercier in Tan.

d) Bright under eye concealer: This is a  must have irrespective of the weather. My current addiction is Nars creamy concealer in Caramel.

e) Bright Colours: Summer =Bright. I can go overboard with brights and I don't mind it. Being an Indian, I love brights. Clothes. Nail polish. Lipstick. Shoes. EVERYTHING.

Enjoy the summer!!!


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