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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Let's say....HOLIDAY

I love travelling. PERIOD. It can be anywhere, it doesn't have to be exotic get away where I need to take a plane to go. It can be somewhere 5 miles from my home, where I can spend my entire day, exploring the local sceneries and food.

My dad always taught me this famous quote by Saint Augustine "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page". As a child and while growing up, my parents made sure to take me to many places in India. Obviously, my education and parent's jobs came in the way but we made sure to go somewhere every year. My dad taught me how to observe the flora, fauna, dressing, draping and food habits and how all this changes from place to place. 

Thankfully, my husband also likes travelling and we try and go to atleast two countries every year apart from India. I have to say, I love holidays and I am addicted to them. It doesn't mean that I love to sit on the beach or a pool side all through out my holidays. Don't take me wrong, I like it, but I would do that one day in my entire holidays or couple of hours every day. 

For hubby and me, holidays means exploring the streets, going to local eat outs and trying out different varieties of local cuisine. Neither of us is much of a drinker but we always like to try out local wines. 
Personally, I like to pick up a fashion item from each place, mostly it is some sort of jewellery. My husband likes to pick up souvenirs for our home. 

Obviously with all this comes the hassle of taking leave at work, applying for visas and spending money. However at the end it's all worth it.

Many of my pictures can be found here, there are a lot more that I haven't uploaded as they were not taken using a professional camera.

Jeans: Levis (Get similar one here)
Top: Topshop(Current season, OMG!!!I love this one) 
Bag: Topshop(Current season, find the same here same here)
Footwear: Lemon via Shopper's Stop(India) (Ooh la la! Check these ones out)
Belt: Primark
Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole
Watch: Folli Follie
Claw Bracelet: here)


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  2. Three cheers for this post. Guess who agrees with you more than anyone else ;-)

    1. I know...I am a big time follower of your blog:)


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