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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let it snow!!!

It snowed all day yesterday and I love it when it snows, everything looks so beautiful with the powdery snow on top. Unfortunately I was working all day yesterday and couldn't enjoy the snow. This morning when I woke up the snow was still there and I didn't waste any moment, went out and took some pics.

On another note, I always used to think that Uggs are the most ugly boots. Somewhere in my mind I have my doubts that they are called Uggs because they look ugly. Anyway, my feet are quite sensitive to cold so my husband insisted that he will buy me Ugg boots. I resisted them for almost 1 year as they are against my fashion sense. This winter I had to give into my husband's insistence and buy the boots. Now I am literally living in these boots. I am in love. They are so warm and it feels that I am walking on clouds. WARM CLOUDS. They are highly recommended. 

Jeggings: Levis(Similar here)
Sweatshirt: Zara(In love, love, love with this one)
Scarf: Handmade in Kashmir-Gift from mom
Bag: Zara (Similar here)
Boots: Ugg(Similar here)
Necklace: Lifestyle(India)(I have this one too and eyeing this one)
Bracelet: Accesorize


  1. Lovee the pics Snigdha! It snowed here(France) too and it was the first time I saw snow. It was magical!

    1. I know...I remember the first time I experienced snow fall was surreal and magical.


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