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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Incredible India!

I went to India on a 3 week holiday and my O my!! it was one of the most amazing trips. I just ate, slept, shopped and ate again. I took loads of pictures and I must warn you that this blog post is picture heavy. I am going to give description for each picture 

Holiday started on the plane with champagne 

Yes, I am a poser

Dubai skyline. Taking pics helps me overcome my fear of take-offs 

Be a Roman in Rome. I try and wear salwars when in India. I want to stress on the word tryyyy.

I bought these bangles. Do you like them?

Bought this as well. I have no idea what's it called.

 Went to Charminar for some pearls shopping. Fell in love with this monument, it's so beautiful.

I had never been  to village, I am a city girl. We went to my husband's grandmother's place and I enjoyed quiet couple of days in the village. 

Posing again!!!

Here I go again

The fishermen in the village, caught fresh fish from the pond behind and sold it to us. It was a unique experience. Fresh fish when made into a curry tastes awesome.   


Our Paddy fields 



My husband bought a solitaire ring for me and being a drama queen, I made him enact the proposal scene all over again 

Yes, painting my mom's nails

Coming back home. Just posing again, not very happy though. I want to go back!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.




  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! I love the pictures from the village, especially. Wish you a very Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Richa!!! Happy new year to you too!!!

  2. Wow, Lovely pics... I can see in your face that you were really enjoying yourself there!

  3. love ur pics as always and villages r really fun place to go and i m missing charminar shopping

  4. Love the village and the pond is soooo enjoyable! The bangles r gorgeous!

  5. pretty pretty pretty. now i wana go home! :(

    1. Thanks Jovita!!! I too want to go home again...


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