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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

What I need on my bed stand?

I go to bed around half an hour before I want to fall asleep. What I do in that half an hour? I light up my scented candle, wear my warm fuzzy socks and read a book. When I am on bed, I just don't want to get down . I want everything to be at my hand's reach and that's why I keep everything on my bed stand. Want to know what's on my bed stand? Here you go.....

Lamp Shade

Scented candle

A tiny journal to write down my ramblings

My beloved Vogue(The book/magazine changes from time to time based on my mood)

My Figs and Rouge lip balm. A must have!!!!

A bottle of water and Pillow mist(One more must have!!)

Hope you enjoyed the post



  1. very nice...i also like reading at the night ..before sleeping...

  2. Your bedstand seems so cozy and cute! Love the soft lighting :)
    Btw, I've been following your blog and have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Awards. Check out my post if you get a chance! :)


  3. great pictures.


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