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Saturday, 1 December 2012

My favourite red lipsticks : Suitable for south Asian skin tones

Many of us are bit apprehensive when it comes to wearing red lipsticks. There can be many reasons behind it. Many think it will not suit them. For many it's high maintenance and can't be bothered with it.

I used to think the same but once I started wearing red lipsticks more frequently, I started growing comfortable in them.Now I freaking LOVE THEM!!!!!

Here is the list of my favourite red lipsticks as shown in the video:

  • Cinique -Citrus rose
  • MAC-Dubonnet
  • All for Eve- Eve red
  • Chanel- Dragon
  • MAC-Ruby woo
  • Dior- Rouge Blossom
  • Make up Atlier- Deep red
  • Clarins- Dark Cherry

And here is the video. Enjoy!!!!



  1. Hey Snigdha!! I came across your blog you few weeks ago(routed from you tube of course :)) and have to say you are doing such a wonderful job.

    I really love the makeup you are sporting on this video. Did you try Mac's Rebel? it looks great on our(well now you know, I am a south Indian-lol)skin tone.

    Thank you for great recommendations!!

    1. Hi, Thanks a lot. I have heard a lot about Rebel but I haven't actually tried it yet. Got to try it next time I am at MAC. Thanks for watching my videos.

  2. Love your channel, just watched some videos. You have a nice way of doing your videos :D Loved this one!



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