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Saturday, 24 November 2012

My favourite MAC eyeshadows

Hi All,

On my youtube channel, the most requests have been to do a video featuring my favourite MAC eyeshadows. I never got a chance to do it as I had problems with camera and then the editor and now the lighting. However last week the weather was good and I was able to film this video as I had good lighting.

Here are my top 10 in the same sequence as I featured in my video:

  • Sumptious Olive
  • Expensive Pink
  • Antiqued
  • Star Violet
  • Amber Lights
  • Wood-winked
  • Coppering
  • Sable
  • Folie
  • Carbon
and finally here is the video. Enjoy!!!



  1. Even though i do know about the colors, its really glad to see you are doing something fabulous which you love. All the very best !

  2. what lip color are you wearing? Stunning!

    1. Thank you. I am wearing Mocha from MAC

  3. yes even I like the lipstick ..but I dont know why..u seem a little sad/tired in this video ..hope all is ok :) take care

    1. Thank you...I am just tired...been a bit stressed out with work...Thanks for asking :)

  4. I just discovered your videos on you tube, they're so informative and you're so charming. I love red lipstick too and I was wondering if you cld let me know what colours I shld use on my eyes and for blush, I'm always confused because the lips r such a strong colour I never know weather to make my eyes strong too or how? I'm similar coloring to you, what wld you do?


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