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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Food resolutions:Yumm to Hmmm & SUN

I am a self confessed foodie but since the time I decided to cut down on my food intake and eat "good" food here I lost almost 6 kgs. I am not exercising, so not able to lose any further weight. Meanwhile I felt that I should be eating much more healthier so here are my 3 resolutions:

  1. Cut down on hot/spicy food: It's not good for stomach and skin. There is no point in spending extra ordinary amount of money on skin care products if it is counteracted with unhealthy intake of food.
  2. No fizzy drinks:Not even diet ones. These are bad for teeth, stomach and skin.Google it and you will find everything in detail
  3. Eat only natural sugars : Sugar that we get from fruits and vegetable or anything natural is good. Will not have anything that has artificial sugar/ bakery products/chocolates etc.
I will let you know how I get on with this. I love challenging myself and seeing the results.

Meanwhile I am going to post some pics of mine from few of my older holidays. I am missing sun and all these pics were taken in the sun and represent "happiness".



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