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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Why Nars Sheer glow?

After my post on how to choose a foundation here, some people left me messages asking for what my favourite foundation till date is and what makes it my favourite.
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I can answer this question without thinking even for a second. Hands down it’s my nars sheer glow. However I have to say one thing i.e. it’s my "current" favourite product. Being a makeup addict I tend to /love to try out new stuff and can easily fall in love with something else. Makeup industry is growing so vastly that many companies are coming out with new products every day and you never know when I will find your next Holy Grail foundation.

Alright, so let’s come back to the topic of why I love Nars sheer glow

  •  I love the foundation because the colour range is very vast and I have found my exact match. It looks a bit light when I apply it but in few minutes blends in beautifully into my skin as if it's my real skin.
  •  As the name says it does give a subtle glow to my skin. Bear in mind that it does not have any shimmers in it, it's just the  formulation that gives a glow finish on the skin. It’s not like some foundations which claim to be “glowy” but end up giving “oily” finish.
  •  The most amazing thing is the consistency. It can be used as tinted moisturiser if applied with right brush(read MAC 187/Sigma F15 ) , can be used as a medium coverage and can be built up for full coverage.
  •  It does not give artificial look. Have foundation for both warm and cooler tones.
  •  It photographs extremely well.Anyone getting married? Need a foundation?
  • Good Staying power. Obviously not as long as the long wear ones but with primer it performs even better.
Anyone who is using the same foundation and if you have anything more to add about this foundation please feel free to add in the comments section.



  1. Hi hon! Can you please help tell me what color you found in Nars sheer glow?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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