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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Travel Ravel:Last day of my holiday(Santorini)

As promised this is going to be my last post on Greece :P. This was my last day. No words to express how sad I was to be leaving this beautiful place.

Dress: Zara
Thread bangles: India
Footwear: India
Bag: LV Neverful
Sunglasses:Kenneth Cole



  1. U look lovely Snigg....Beautiful lady in a beautiful place :)

  2. oh! your dress looks amazing.

  3. very nice pics snig!Its a beautiful dress, looking great and the color of that dress suits you well :)

  4. Hi Snig, I hope you are well.
    I nominate you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award :) FOr the details about the tag post, please do not hesitate to check them at my blog:

    1. Hey..I am good. Hope you are doing good too. Thanks for nominating me. Will defo check the tag <3

  5. Btw Pink looks awesome on you, be it makeup or dresses, and you look so happy and relaxed, you've deffinitely got me wishing for some vacations too =)I also like the colour of your hair, it looks like it became a bit lighter. Looking great!!!

    1. Thanks..I just highlighted my hair..I got it done almost 3 months ago

  6. Snigdha after looking at these pics of yours gone mad and wann go there so badly. Will you please gimme the details of bookings and stuff, is there a website where I can go through the details. I live in US so not sure about Europe vacation details. Please let me know how much it costed, where did u book it, how many days vacation etc. If you dont waann reply here please email me at Thanks so much.


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