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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Travel Ravel:Perissa and Kamari beaches(Day 7)

I know I know it's been ages since I have come back from my holiday and I am still posting pics. To be honest I have lost most of the holiday tan (I am glad about it!) as well. I posted other articles on blog in between as I thought posting the Greece pictures might make you yawn. I couldn't be away for too long :P. I promise this is going to be my second last blog post on Greece. 

On day 7 we went to Perissa and Kamari beaches. Didn't do much, just loitered around the beach, the shops,ate sea food and went jet skiing .Here are the pics



  1. nice pic you enjoyed a thing i notice in your previous picture too that you love to jump..don't you? just kidding hehhehhehheee....

  2. pretty pretty pretty! wat does ur tatt say?

    1. Thanks a lot sweetheart. The tattoo on my arm is a butterfly because I believe "Life is colourful". The one on my wrist is "D", my husband's name's initial

  3. lovely pics Snig....and the place is amazing....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. snig...u look really HOT in all your vacation pics..:)
    I am also going to try the anti-tan tips that you posted..The summer just started and I already have gone a shade or two darker..and i have not hit the beach yet :p
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks a lot ...Better be careful beforehand and use loads of SPF :)..Enjoy the summer

  6. The landscape is awesome and you look so great!
    That pic of you jumping is awesome!
    Fashion Panache


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