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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tan tan aaaa...

Have you observed my shoulders and hands in the above picture? That’s the worst tan anyone can ever have. When I got tanned I tweeted saying that my arms don’t look like part of my body anymore. I am sure you all agree with that.

So what led to that damaging tan on my skin?

Yes yes yes I had applied a sunscreen(waterproof one) on my skin.

Then where did it go wrong?

I did a major mistake by not re-applying it every 2 hrs. Yes, just applying once in the morning before heading out won’t help . More over the sun had such balmy feeling on my skin and the light breeze didn’t make me realise that my skin is burning. Only when I reached back to the hotel and touched my arm I realised I have tanned and burnt.

So what did I DO?

Made sure to cover myself up and wear cottons so that my skin doesn’t get irritated more.
After coming back home?

Used some age old remedy. Here are the steps:

  • Exfoliated(only when the skin healed) my entire body and face
  • Boiled (Even raw potato can be used)a potato and mashed it well and then mixed some milk(raw milk if available) in it.
  • Applied it all over the affected areas
  • Washed it after 15 mins
  • Applied my mosituriser as usual

A potato helps in brightening the skin and is a natural product .So win-win.

Lesson learnt: Always re-apply the sunscreen on your skin



  1. I hope the potato helped you remove the tan and heal your skin. Been wanting to try it out. That is some burn!!!

    1. On face it's almost gone.... On my arms it's taking some time

  2. Aw, I thought that your skin was looking a bit dark but I thought it was from the exposure on the camera lense or something from taking pictures in the sunlight. I hope you'll be better soon. Sunburns can be really painful. Take care!

    1. Thanks... Sun burn has healed and now the skin is peeling off from my arms and it looks gross:(

    2. When my skin does that I rub a little tiny bit of coconut oil, it feels very soothing.

  3. ohhh !!! I get sunburn very often :(
    But nice tips Snig


  4. dear sign..tan is such a problem for any one specialy for ladies...i think you should try indian ramdies like besan ( ubtan) And you can do one thing apply a cloth dipped in milk on the affected area. This would provide relief from the burn.
    Aloe Vera gel on the affected area proves beneficial in treating sunburns.i hope this will help you...

    1. Thanks for all the tips...My mom also suggested me the besan tip!


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