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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Travel Ravel: Oia and Caldera(3rd and 4th day)

After our exciting trip to Fira on 2nd day(on a bike),on the 3rd day we decided to be in Oia and explore it a bit more as it was cloudy and it won't be much fun to go anywhere when it's not very sunny. Hence I dressed up in jeans and a blazer. 

Below are the photos from 4th day here in Santorini. We went on a guided walk to a volcano(Caldera named Nea Kameni). It provides a beautiful view both from Oia and Fira. We went to Caledra on a boat. I didn't enjoy the boat ride much as I have motion sickness and felt really uncomfortable on the boat but the walk up to the volcano was worth it. The view from the top was breath taking. We also saw active craters from which fumes were coming out and could smell sulphur.Exciiittttiiinnng!

The next stop on the boat ride was a hot spring. The spring is part of the sea but near to the cliffs and water is green in colour due to sulphur and obviously water was warm. Everyone had to jump into the sea and swim to the spring so it was strictly for people who could swim. I know swimming but was not very confident to swim in the sea so I took a lifebuoy and I can't describe how amazing the experience was to me.

Our third stop was an island called Thirassia. It's fishermen's village. There we had awesome fresh sea food lunch and took loads of pictures. I should say it was a perfect day.
I am really enjoying my stay here. Catch you later in my next blog post

On 3rd day I was wearing:

Top:H&M Vest
Blazer: Atmosphere at Primark
Jeans: Lee Cooper
Bag: Old Navy(Gift from a dear friend)
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Footwear: From India
Sunglasses: Rayban

On 4th day I was wearing
Top: Primark
Dungarees: United Colours of Benetton 
Shoes: Converse 
Bag:Old Navy
Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole
Watch: Casio Via



  1. loved the second pic and all the ones of you in dungarees. pretty girl. having lots of fun, eh :) nice

    1. Thanks hun:)...Yes I am having loads of fun...Enjoying the sun:)

  2. Wow looks like such a gorgeous place to visit, that's the good life :-) Love all the pictures, my fav has to be the one where you are sitting on the wall, you look breathtakingly beautiful and so does the scenery behind you, that one needs to go in a frame! Diane xxx

    1. awww You are such a sweetheart..Thanks a lot <3

  3. Wow, awesome pics Snig.... Seems like you had lots of fun!

    1. Thanks Uma...This holiday is real fun...Sad that I am going back to London tomorrow evening:(

  4. such cute , pretty and funny pictures...especially the 1 where you are using a float to swim ..that pic is cute ! haha.. also the pic where u are wearing a dungree and posing...really cute pic!! have loads of funnn on the remaining days !!

    1. Thanks a lot...I have come back yesterday night and will have to start work from tomorrow:(...If I am not wrong this is your first comment on my blog..Right?

    2. hmm..I guess soo..I usually talk to you via twitter as I get an instant notification of your replies..where as not on blog posts..even now to read your reply I had just remembered that maybe you must have I dont get notified !! So cuz of this reason I prefer twitter ! :)

  5. wow, those are some beautiful shots!
    we just came across ur lovely blog.
    welcome us as ur new followers!
    do visit us too, and follow back, if you like what you see :)
    the blog is a virtual birthday surprise for my bestie. would be glad if u could drop by ur wishes!

    looking fwd to more posts from ur side!

    1. Thanks a lot for following me...Happy birthday to your friend:)

  6. seems like you had great fun snig!! lovely pics :)

    1. Thanks! It was real fun..want to go back....


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