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Friday, 13 April 2012

OOTN: Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was my 3rd Wedding Anniversary and I still can't believe that I have been married for three years. It just feels like yesterday. Which is kind of good..isn't it? I think getting married is the most beautiful thing on earth and I am a very happy wifey:)

So me and hubby initially decided to go to Italy to celebrate our anniversary but had to cancel it in the last moment as both of us had very important  assignments at work. So we worked whole day yesterday and later went out for dinner to a French restaurant and had amazing time together.

Here are few pics from yesterday

This is what me and hubby had for dinner and below is pic of mine with crazy hair(I re-did it properly later)

Check the video of entire outfit here:



  1. Nice pics snig xx I love the pic of u andur husband looking at each other behind the backgroundbinthe video

  2. Btw happy wedding anniversary too x bless u guys

    1. Hey,..Thanks a lot..That pic is from our wedding day

  3. Hey u look great!! :)

    Happy Wedding Anniversary..:) hope you guys had a great time..

    and loved the yummie food pics..:D

    1. Hey,..Thanks a ton.....we had a good time and ate loads of food:D


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