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Saturday, 24 March 2012

My weight loss update

I had posted a blog post on how I lost few Kilos here

Now there is more update, I have lost 2 more Kilos. So in total I have lost 5 Kilos, which is not bad.
Now I am between 57 and 58 Kilos.My size has come down from 12 to 10.That's the most exciting part as it is one my 10 things to do before I turn 29.

As I eat 1200 cals per day (I am trying to eat healthy and avoid artificial sweets) now it's getting difficult for me to lose any more.So I have realised that I have to finally kick some a$$ at the gym. 

I am planning to do so by doing some internet research and incorporate excercises into my daily routine. I know it will be painful for lazy me,however I have to do this for the sake of losing some inches.

I will update you guys with my work out routine if interested.

Meanwhile these are the things which I learnt(I warn you all these will be clichés but they all worked for me)

  • Consistency- Have to be consistent with diet ,otherwise the weight will bounce back
  • Eat everything-Yes, eat everything ,otherwise you will crave for something and will give into the temptation.Better to watch the quantity and eat what ever you crave for.[Don't do it everyday but once in a week should be fine]
  • Eat fruits instead of chocs/sweets/cake when you crave for anything sweet. It works for me so well. I feel like eating a chocolate and I eat an apple and I am ready to go without anything sweet for several hours. Moreover an apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • When  tempted to eat unhealthy,   imagine yourself in a sexy dress and what's the target weight you should have to fit into it.
  • Don't keep anything unhealthy in your home and in the drawers at work place. No crappy food =You won't reach for it impulsively 
  • One thing which I did(It's not necessary that you follow it) is to tell my friends about my weight  loss and after getting all the compliments, now I WANT MORE.
  • Last but not the least and very important point, eat your food regularly and in regular intervals. Please don't torture your body by going without food. Eventually you will revert back to food and that will do  much harm to your body
To be honest there are no short cuts for weight/inches loss. 
Hope this post was useful. I will keep on updating you guys with my updates. Let me know if you are interested in workout regime.


PS: Today was one of the most beautiful days of this year. Just perfect temperature and sunshine. Sun just makes me so happy. So I spend most of my day in the sun and later in the evening went to watch a bollywood flick Agent Vinod. I am a sucker for movies and I really loved this one :). Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend.       


  1. Hey Snig,

    I am a huge follower of all your youtube videos.. love your hairstyle in the homepage.. what is it called, would like to get mine done that way

    1. Hey thanks for reading and following my blog. The haircut in the picture is a layer cut... I have grown my layers since then .., now I don't have layers:)

  2. Hello,

    First of all congratulations. I started following your blog recently and I have gotten addicted to eye shadows since then. :p
    Thanks for suggesting the myfitnesspal app, it's really helpful.
    I have a couple of questions. First, when do you usually check your weight!? Morning or evening? Secondly, when do you drink the mix of lemon juice with honey in warm water? Is there any preference for the time of day?

    Thank you for all your lovely videos. :D Hope you attain your goals.

    1. Hey Anitha,

      Thanks a lot

      I usually check my weight in the morning but even if you check it at night it should fluctaute more than 500g
      I alsi drink lemon juice first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth. Hope that was helpful

    2. Thanks Snig :). I have to Thank you again for myfitnesspal app. It's a perfect companion and since, I have to update it daily, I am motivated to work out and watch what I eat. :) Keep doing what you do and I will be awaiting for the next post. :D

  3. congratulations and u look absolutely fabulous..please do make a workout regime blog as i am also currently struggling to loose weight, however reading blog posts or videos about peoples weigh-loss achievements is a great motivation for me to keep going :D keep up what ur doing hunny as u look stunning :D

    sending you lots of hugs, kisses, love and luck in your journey xxx

    1. Hey..Thanks a ton...I will post the work out regime soon

  4. you look great, do post more on weight loss, am a fan :) you look stunning btw :)

  5. Oh nice. It's very hard to lose weight. I'm just hooked up with xenadrine and hopefully it will work for me.

  6. iam a big fan of u and ur videos....i love ur videos i forgot my time while watching ur videos....


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