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Thursday, 1 March 2012

My new hair

Hey Guys,

 I am at my work, eating my salad and typing away. I am just dying to show my new hair to you guys.

I must say one thing before you come to any conclusion about my hair. This is not what I wanted initially. I went to my local salon(The biggest mistake I have ever done) and explained the stylist what I wanted.

I wanted to colour just the lower half of my hair with a colour which falls into my hair colour family but slightly lighter.

She acted as if she understood it and we decided upon the colour. Anyway to cut the long story short, I wanted a different colour and I ended up getting this weird colour on my hair. I literally burst into tears as soon as I saw it but didn't say anything to the stylist, paid the money and came out.

Thought I would share it with you guys, my bad hair colour experience. I have decided not to change this colour for sometime.....maybe one day I will start liking it. Until then have to live with it ;)


PS: I promise that my next pot will be more cheerful :)


  1. Snig, I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the stylist. Your hair color looks nice you know. However, I can understand the feeling when it's not the way you expect it. Don't be sad dear!

    1. awww thanks a ton...Hope I will get used to this new hair soon..

  2. it reaaaly doesn look bad in d pic girl.. try takin a reference pic next time. im tired of sufferin under ppl hu nod yes widout understandin anythin... !

    1. Thanks:) Yeah I did show her the reference pic but I guess she just did not get it or maybe she just didn't know how to do it :(

  3. Seriously you look great in the pic and the lip shade, the color of hair everything is making you look damn hot, may be you will start liking it soon, think of this in this way - You learnt a lesson so next time you will be careful and even though you may not be happy now you sure look HOT :)

    1. awww Neeru you are so sweet..Thanks a ton :)

  4. To me it looks great on you especially with the combination lipstick.
    On a different note if possible, can you please post some suggestions/videos on hair straightening tools(suggested brands), rollers, tips, etc...especially with dry, frizzy hair...

  5. hey seriously this hairstyle was really very nice than the other hairs on ur videos which i looks ammazing...can i say one thing..dont mistake me...if u want to cut ur hair..go to that same saloon..its really nice for ur face..


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