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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Are you a hoarder?

I started this blog because I love makeup and I have said several times that I love the whole process of applying makeup and coming up with new looks every single day. Not to forget the playing with different colours and colour combos. We all love it, isn't it?

For sometime I have been thinking about  the amount of make up I own. There are so many youtubers and bloggers(including myself) out there, who just go on spending spree on the name of being beauty blogger/vlogger or collector. I must admit that I own a lot lesser make up than many people out there.

Sometimes it can be a bit misleading to the followers of blogs and especially the teenage girls that they must have everything they see. It can turn them into hoarders of makeup. 

You are a hoarder when:
  • You have 537123448 dupes of the same colour
  • You justify buying the 537123449th colour by giving some stupid justification like it has a silvery golden reddish brown with blue undertone sparkle in it
  • You buy it because you see your friends/ youtubers/bloggers buy it, not because you need it
  • You have no freaking idea about what's there in your makeup collection and it will take you zillion years to dig it out
  • Your storage place is overflowing
  • You have no idea what you bought a month ago
  • You spend all your money just on makeup

How not to be a horader

  • Many of the top bloggers/vloggers you follow they get the products for free for review purposes, That's their job. Don't buy unless it's your job
  • Check your stash and check for the expiry dates and throw them away. Every make up product has an expiry date and I am sure sure you can't use everything within that date. All the cream based products have a shelf life of 1 year and eye products like mascara have a shelf life of 3-6 months
  • Reward yourself with new makeup only when you have used up the present/old one
  • Do you really need 10 mascaras?
  • Instead of buying  537123448 dupes of the same colour, you can buy a good dress or something else of your interest.
Trust me, makeup can make you feel good when you are not very obsessed with it and its just part of your life.



  1. I love make up too but I do not apply on daily bases. I have make-up which suit my skin and i do not own 2-3 things of every product. Lipsticks yes but not mascara n kohl. I love the post. very well written:)owning make-up is not a competition. I hope people understand that.

    1. I know what you mean..we can never have everything..its just madness

  2. Loved the post and agree with you here

  3. I totally agree with you Snig..Love the way you put this in a not so offending way to us "bloggers/vloggers" :P Hilarious !!!

    Deepika <3

    1. haha...I am also one of those bloggers/vloggers and I used to buy everything..I just wanted everything,...but now I have realised that I just cant have everything and have to control my urge to buy everything

  4. I must admit that I've been a makeup hoarder, in the beginning, I didn't care much for makeup and I considered it as a waste of my time but once I really "got into it" I started buying and wanting and buying and wanting even more. I couldn't stop myself,and the more I got the more I wanted because there's just so much to chose from and there ae always reviews and people talking about this and that being their holy grail product, then I realised that it was becoming an expensive hobby and I didn't even have enough time to enjoy all of it so I started to impose some shopping bans upon myself, may it be makeup or clothes or anything, and I figured if I can go for a month without buying something new, then I can definitely do more and go longer than that, at least to finish what I already had. it wasn't easy because it's a habit that is easy to adopt but hard to get rid of, but I think I passed that phase now. I do buy some stuff sometimes but the only way I'd go on a full on makeup spree is if there's some masive sale for something that I've tried and loved. Now I just restock and I'm not as adventurous as before because I tried and tested and I know what Ilike and what suits me. I hope those who have this problem (it can even become a medical condition sometimes, no joke O_o) can get rid of it as soon as possible, because you'll be impressed how much u can save even in a month. And Snig, your posts are awesome, I really like how u always approach subjects that can touch each and every one of us.

    1. Thanks sonam... I exactly went through the same cycle as you mentioned... I thought being a beauty or makeup fan doesn't mean hoarding on stuff.. It means being able to come out with interesting looks with what you have ... I know many people won't agree with me but that's alright .. ;)

    2. It's true, I found that any kind of look that you see on youtube and photos and blogs u can replicate with basic products, they can even be drugstore makeup, what counts is the technique that you will use to apply and make them last (example using primer, and blending multiple layers etc...). No one has to feel like they can do less because they have less products, what counts is the skills ;)

    3. Also I really like how you take your time to apply eyeshadow and blend blend blend until it gets the right texture, I saw that on your youtube videos, and I tried to do that, sometimes using a clean E.S.brush sometimes by using a neutral colour and it really makes a big difference in the end result and how long it will last too. Thanks for always sharing your techniques and reviews. I'm always waiting for your next video or next blogpost so keep them coming =) and thanks for answering my comment; it means the world to me =) Have a wonderful day!

    4. Not a problem at all..Infact I should thank you for following and reading my blog and commenting on it :)

  5. nice post...specially liked reading - " How not to be a horader " :-)


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