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Thursday, 9 February 2012

How: I lost 3 kilos

If you know me well or have been following me for sometime you must know that I am a big foodie. Oh! Doesn't my Facebook picture explicitly says so .. Hmmm . For those who are not on my facebook page. This is my profile picture

So I recently discovered that I had gone crazy in mind and my every conversation started with diet and ended with diet, Mind you! with a pizza in hand. Even my husband pointed me out once about me being very obsessed with talking about  the way my body looks and different kinds of diets(which I never followed, just dreamt of following them).

There was one more thing that personally had driven me crazy. I love shopping and want to wear good clothes. Unfortunately most of the things stopped looking good on me and I had to opt for grandma clothing and that's it I had to lose weight.

So I thought of few options :
Diets-Naah won't work for me.

Workout-Too tired to go after a hectic day at work

So decided that I had to plan out something that works for me and suits my life style. Before I start telling you what I did , here is the disclaimer:

  • I am not a professional dietician.
  • It worked for me and is not necessary that it works for everyone
  • I have just lost 3 kgs so its just first step. I still have 726217 steps to take :P
  • I still can't see any difference in the way my clothes fit. Hope to see it soon.
Now after the disclaimer I guess I am sure you all are desperate to know what I did. Let me warn you that there is no magic or secret. So here are the steps I followed:

  • I stopped feeling bad about the way my body looks and started concentrating on what I can do about it.
  • I made myself determined to eat healthy and improve my eating habits slowly and steadily.
  • I have started eating proper breakfast like cereal, oats and single slice of toast and egg whites.
  • Didn't change anything about what I ate at lunch.I love my food.
  • For dinner I usually eat 2 chapatis (Indian bread). I have cut it down to one.
  • Major change I made to my eating habits is, I have completely cut down on sugar. I started by drinking sugarless tea and coffees. Now I no longer crave for cakes, cookies etc. I am proud of myself.[I think this is what made the biggest difference]
  • Started working out twice a week.
  • Started drinking lemon juice with warm water and honey.
  • Started keeping track of food I ate using an iPhone app called myfitnesspal. It's amazing, try it out.
So these are the only changes I have made and within 3 weeks I have lost 3 kgs. It's not a lot but I haven't been going to gym much ,so I am kind of happy about the weight loss.

I knew that if I make any drastic changes to diet I won't be able to stand through it. I will get back to normal ways of eating chocs, cup cakes and all the crap under the sky. So I am taking it slow. 

So girls, any advice on how to lose inches?

My reason of posting this on my blog is to inspire the readers as well as be accountable so that I continue being on healthy diet.

My future Goal:

  • Start going to gym or get involved in physical activities
  • I don't know if I can make more changes to the way I eat. I will try.
I will keep posting the updates and keep you all in the loop 

PS: I was 62 Kilos and now I am 59.


  1. I am installing myfitnesspal on my iphone now :)

    Deepika <3

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. myfitnesspal is an amazing app . Here are few more steps i followed to lose weight :
    1. Completely cut down the sodas.
    2. Drink loads of water.
    3. Have a cup of green tea without sugar ( helps to burn fat very fast )

    1. Thanks for the advice... I have to start drinking green tea... I don't like it though

  4. You look amazing already!!! Great job on starting your year on a healthy note!

    1. ITs an acquired taste. You would start to love it. BEgin with a flavoured green tea.
      I started mine when I was with my colleagues in a coffee break and they sure can tell from my face 'how much I liked' ;)

  5. Well done Snig! Keep it going! I will take you as an example and try to stay away from the sugar too! :)

    1. Thanks ... But you already look so amazing... You don't need to do anything

  6. That's awesome! Keep this up and am sure you'll reach your goal! :)


  7. I recently came acrross your blogs and what you are doing is incredible. Taking time out of your busy schedule!..oh my god, is really appreciated. I enjoyed reading your blogs. I hope you achieve all your goals. From my side concentrate on whole grain foods not on polished foods like whole wheat flour..., eat oatmeal, stir fried vegetables.

    1. Thanks a lot... I am so happy that you like
      my blog

  8. more power to u lady!
    im all about women who stop cribbing and complaining and take charge on what they want their body to look like.
    cutting down on sugar completely is THE BEST THING you can do..
    n slowly u can progress to cutting down in everything white, n moderating full fat diary.
    also, binge on food that increase ur metabolism.. like green tea, wheat germ, n pepper. its an acquired taste, u can still love your food, eat your food, AND be fit!
    but also, exercise is a BIG deal. y don u start wid yoga. u can easily fit it into ur morning routine. makes u feel energized the whole day!

    1. hey..Thanks for all the advice ....I have tried green tea many times but don't like drinking...Got to give it one more try.

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing!!! I gained weight (about 6 kg). I have tried different diets, but nothing really worked.. I was always hungry... Finally, I tried weight watchers. I always thought weight watchers was for very fat people, but actually not (I am 57 kg). And I already lost 1 kg (without starving or making great sacrifices). I really recommend everyone to try this diet. You don't need to attend their meeting or else, you can find on the internet many tips.


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