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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Toe ...errrr....Rings

Couple of months ago,  I was watching Sonam Kapoor's (An Indian actress) interview on TV and noticed that she was wearing same rings on both of her little/pinky fingers. I thought that it was an interesting idea to wear rings like that.

I am sure she was wearing some high end brand jewellery and obviously I could not be bothered about that. So I came up with an idea. Have a look at this (Ignore my 5 days old nail polish)

If you are wondering what  I am wearing on my fingers, those are my toe rings. Traditionally women from Andhra have to wear toe rings after getting married( It's not a compulsion but I wear them in summer because I really like it). So yes, these are my alternative and find them really cool.

Couple of people at my work noticed them too and told me that they found this way of wearing rings really trendy (My heart jumped with joy as soon as they told me that).

So what do you guys think of it?

PS: On another note, I will add a FAQ page to my blog tomorrow

PPS: Thanks a lot to everyone who takes time to comment on my blog. They are really precious to me.Love you all.

PPPS: I have changed the font of my blog post. What do you think of it?


  1. Oh I do that all the time too :)
    I even buy cute toerings knowing I'll never actually use them on my toes

    1. Yeah that's a brilliant idea... I dont have any designs but I have the same in gold... Sometimes I wear two toe rings per small finger...

  2. Good idea. Now I know where to wear my wedding toe rings :) x

  3. That's cute! My sis wears her toe rings on her fingers too!
    p.s- DIn't know you were from Andhra.. I am too :)


    1. Wow..That's really cool...So where in AP are you from? btw really like your blog :)

    2. Thank you so much! :)
      I am from Hyderabad!

  4. love the way you give details of everything:)


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