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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Its not "the usual" hair care routine

I am 100% sure that as soon as you see "hair care routine" a thought crosses your mind......Oh no! not again. I don't want to see a person showing a a huge number of products again.

 So don't worry, I am not going to show  loads of  products.
Couple of months ago I noticed that I was losing quite a bit of hair and I swear I didn't know the reason behind it. That's it, I had to do something about it.
As people say if you want something outside, you have to take care of it from inside and that's what I did.

Here is what I changed in my eating habits. Here are my " not so" professional tips :

  • Soak some(5-6) almonds in water over night and have them in the morning. It's good for your skin as well. 
  • Take iron supplements. Make sure to take it with only water. Never with a coffee or tea.
  • Eat more food rich in proteins like eggs, chicken and fish. If you are a vegetarian try having cereals/beans/Legumes.
  • Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A.
Overall it should be a balanced and healthy food.

Make sure:
  • Not to crash diet. It is a major cause of hair loss and hair becoming unhealthy and dull.
  • You have to have a good digestive system and not constipated. Constipation is also a reason for hair loss.
  • Sleep on satin pillow cases it is good for hair.
Some home made masks
  • Home made hair masks work really well on hair. This works with the hair loss and well as makes the hair soft. Here is procedure to make one hair mask
                 Take some fenugreek seeds
                 Soak them in some organic/natural yoghurt overnight until very soft or make a paste of it
                 Add an egg and mix well
                Apply it on your hair
                Keep it for 30 mins and shampoo as usual

Now for some external hair care
  • Don't wash your hair in hot water.
  • Don't wash your hair every day, try to do it every alternate day. Its good if you can do it every 3rd day.
  • Make sure to deep condition your hair once a week.
  • Always use a heat protect every time you use heat on hair, even before blow drying the hair
  • If possible use some leave in conditioner or wet hair,if not, try olive oil. It works well.
  • Never rub your hair with towel to dry it.
  • Try scalp massage using warm coconut oil. Gently massaging scalp helps in hair growth.
So above are the few things I do to take care of my hair. Let me know if you want to know more recipes for hair masks. 



  1. Interesting and helpful :) :)

  2. Nice one Snig. I always admire your hair :) Its simple and chick. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  3. Interesting post. You have awesome hair.. I love your haircut too!

    1. aww thanks a lot...I really like your blog and style as well


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