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Monday, 16 January 2012

I am loving Nude

I have been going through this phase  where I can't get enough of nude lips. When ever I've sported a nude lip in my videos I got many comments asking me about the lip combo.

I understand that getting a perfect lip colour is quite a challenge and I had to try lots of lipsticks before I found my perfect nude lip colours. I am fortunate that I have more than one option now and Yieepeee for that. The colours that I am going to mention are more of brown natural/nude colours . I will do a separate blog post on Pink natural/nude colours some other time

So here are my top 3 Lip combos(in no particular order :p)

  • Mink from Revlon+Barry m Lipgloss in No. 2.

           There is no point in just naming the colours and not showing you the swatches. So here I have better option than swatches. I am wearing this lip combo here

  • Clinique Lip pencil in Soft rose+ Bobbi Brown lipstick in Heather Buff
            I am wearing the combination in this video

  • My third favourite is from Dior and the colour is Samarcande Brown . I bought it from Debenhams and trust me the swatch on the website is really misleading.Its a really soft nude-y brown.

PS: I am using a new foundation from past one week. It is Bourjois healthy mix foundation. Anyone interested in a review?



  1. Bourjois healthy mix foundation review pls! I am surprised that they have a shade for us brown gals!

    1. I think Bourjois healthy mix foundation in shade 58 might suit you exactly as you have a bit lighter skin tone than me

  2. I'm interested in a review of the Bourgeois healthy mix foundation, actually I have it and I love it but I can't really explain why, I just like the result and the staying power but I would like to have someone else's opinion about it.
    The shade I use are 56 (two pumps) and 58 (one pump) because I couldn't find a colour between the two. Also just wanted to tell you that I subscribed to your youtube channels and I really love your reviews. Thanks a lot for sharing =)

    1. Hi Sonam...Thanks for subscribing to my channel

  3. Hey Snigg, I really wanted to use the healthy mix foundation. But here in Australia we only get till no. 56 . Its a little light for me. What shade do you use? A review would be great!!

    1. Hi...I bought it in shade 58, its a bit light for me but of I blend it in it looks alright x

  4. Hey Snig, from where can i buy bourjois products, I haven't seen any yet :( :( ...... Please help!!!!!!! Also check out my blog

  5. Hey...

    You can find bourjois products in any drugstore


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