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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blame it on sale-Sparkly shoes

I really don't need one more pair of black shoes but I want one more pair of black shoes.
I fell in love with these Aldo shoes as soon as I saw them on asos website. I couldn't resist even more when I saw them on sale and I just grabbed them. 
I got these shoes almost 10 days ago and have been wearing them ever since. Here are few pics

What I like most about these shoes are they can bring oomph to any outfit and they are flat and comfy. What else does a girl want? :)

Now for some rant......I ordered another pair of shoes this month on 13th from asos .They have not yet arrived. Even after three emails to the customer care, there is no reply from them apart from the automated ones. I have tweeted my rants, still no response. I have no idea what to do? Please help me if anyone knows what to do in this situation.



  1. Beautiful shoes :) when a girl sees such beauties that too at a marked down price, she had got to have them :) :)

  2. very cute loafers snig :) wish they had them in the US website as well :P

  3. @ Purvi-Yes...How can we lose the golden chance of buying shoes on discount

    @Meghana- Thanks Meg, I actually bought them from asos website


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