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Saturday, 3 December 2011

10 Things to do before I turn 29

I will turn 29 in another 9 months and I want to achieve some things before I turn 29. For me life is all about constant learning and challenges. That's what makes life exciting isn't it? My post is not something new, I have been inspired by "101 Things I want to do before I die". I am not in a hurry to die and I am sure my taste will change with time. So I just want to update my goals every year.
Here is my list:

 I will write a separate blog post on my "dream book/journal".

On another note, today I am going to a friend's place for her baby shower and tomorrow for some shopping.
So how are you guys planning to spend your weekend ?

Have a wonderful weekend


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  1. Thats a neat list of things :). Hope you can do all that in the next 9 months..:D

  2. good luck snig :)i really want to grow my hair long too..please give me tips :)

  3. good list of things Snig!! Good luck!!

  4. got inspired by this post..i want to make a similar list..
    plz check my post..

    p.s.I live at Hyd.


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