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Monday, 28 November 2011

My days in pics- 27/11/2011

Here is my day in pics. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

                                                    That's the tube station


                                                                     Mulled Wine

                                           Christmas Lighting at Oxford Street

                                         Lola's Cupcake from Topshop

                                             Dinner at Busaba Ethai

                                                               Returning home Tired!!!!!

                 Don't forget to check out the Sleek Berry Collection giveaway here


PS: All the pics were taken by iphone


  1. Nice pics...looks like one interesting day!! Is it some kind of fair??

  2. Thanks hon..
    Yes..It winter wonderland..It had laods of food shops and other stuff

  3. wow...very nice post!! u look so pretty snig..i love your coat :)

  4. aww looks like a super day! :D nice blog!

  5. @Meg- Thanks Meg..That Coat is from Zara

  6. @M and C- Thanks guys...Checked your blog..Its super awesome...I am a new follower now :)

  7. Love your jacket!! :)!/prexiousbl

  8. love ur random pics of days in life full of joy!!

  9. love seeing pictures of the days like that! The key chain u r holding is hilarious! And I want a cupcake now!

  10. i had somin to say about each and ever pic, but now im overwhelmed with all my thoughts!!! so im gona condense them all n say, AWESOME PICS LADY :)

  11. hi u look very cute bubblyyyyyyy.i want to tell something here...i love make up but i dunno which colour will be perfect for or suits i kept on wasting money without even knowing which colour is perfect for me.once i was googling how to do make up i saw ur videos which really helpfulll for me coz iam ur thank uuuuuu very much heartfully

  12. I love the pictures; it's nice to see you out and about having fun. You are too cute for words. Do you think that you could do vlogs on days like these? I think it would be really nice to see you around the city shopping or having fun for those of us that don't live in that part of the world. Thanks..


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