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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Christmas wishlist

I am so thrilled that Christmas is just month and a half away.With Christmas coming along so quickly here is my christmas wishlist .

  • YSL arty ring

                                                      Pic courtesy:        
      I have my eye on this ring for more than an year and now it's back in stock here and I am dying to buy it.
  • I would love to have a pair of basic black Louboutin's
                                                          Pic courtesy:  
   These are just classic pair of pumps any girl would love. They are available here.
  • In a video of mine I asked all of you if kindle is better or ipad as e-reader,you all voted for kindle hands down. So kindle is what I need. :)
                                               Pic courtesy:  
                                                Pic courtesy:  
  • Last but not the least ,I want this Lady Dior bag in black.OMG..I just love love love it.Can't believe I got a bag just 2 months ago and I want one more now (embarrassed ).
                                                Pic courtesy: 

So guys, I have told you my wishlist. What's in your wishlist? Please comment below and let me know.


  1. quite a list :).All of them look awesome esp Dior bag!!

    Arty ring is my fav too..

    its time to make my list...lets see how many of them will be!!

  2. @aurkeed-Even I am hoping to buy the arty ring...Let me know your list as well

  3. Happy Christmas Snig!I loved your Lady Dior bag.

  4. I have dark acne scars and very dull skin.Would you please advice me any night cream?I tried Roc-retinol but it didn't improve my skin instead I got acne.I am north Indian Punjabi women.I like you very very much.


  5. Hey snig!! Love you wish list , have some louboutins myself and I LOVE THEM!!

    P.S . Videos inspire me! Do you think you could possibly make a natural look video please?? Thanks!



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