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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Travel Ravel:Few pictures from India

As promised here are my few pics from India

Below are my Diwali pics

                                     Mom and dad. Both me and dad have made weird faces in the pic but this is the only pic of us three I have.

So what do you guys think of my pics? This is my different avatar from what you have seen before.


  1. Cool pics Snig... I have never visited India before.. It's on my go to list! Maybe soon!

  2. Very nice pics Snig. Diwali celebs looks great..

  3. nice look pretty...

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  5. u r so nice and kind hearted i have started seeing u r blog newly i am loveing it and its easy to understand u!!!!!!PLZ show how to do make up in sunlight and foundation i apply at my home it looks nice when i cum outside in the light its worst so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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