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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kerastase -Bain Gommage

Hi Everyone,

This is a shampoo about which I have talked in several of my videos.It took a place in several of my monthly favourites videos and my hair care routine one's as well.

For the people who have recently started following me I want to tell them again my short little story about why I bought this shampoo in the first place.

So here is the story. Some months ago I bought some John Frieda's shampoos and developed scalp allergy. It became all flaky and itchy. That's when I did some research on the internet and zeroed upon this shampoo.

According to the reviews after 2-3 washes everything should get sorted. I felt better after using this shampoo but dry and itchy scalp persisted. 

Now this bottle is 3/4 complete and I have observed that I have no more flakiness and itching on my scalp. Everything is back to normal. I haven't done any other treatment except using this shampoo. So I am kind of happy that this shampoo did really work and thought of letting you guys know.

I am planning to use one more bottle of this shampoo and then change to my usual shampoo(ie Aveda) and see if my itching and flakiness returns.

To cut the long story short What I want to say is this shampoo delivers what it promises and I am really happy with and totally recommend it to anyone with same issues.

 PS: On the another note, Its my birthday tomorrow and I am super excited about it


  1. Happy Birthday Snigdha !! Hope I spelled it right !! I've subscribed to you for some time now and I regularly watch your youtube videos as well !! Nice work. I like your casual way in the videos
    !! The hair style in your recent 2 videos is really nice. Can you tell me how you did it ?? It really looked like as if you've done it in a salon !!

  2. hey Snig...happy birthday...god bless u dearie


  3. @suganya- Thanks a lot...usually I wash my hair at the night and let it dry naturally and next day morning I flat iron it...but for the video I blow dried it first and then flat Ironed it


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