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Friday, 27 May 2011

YouTube meetup

I was planning about this day for a month and I was imagining myself shopping and having lunch with all these beautiful ladies. Yes, I am talking about the meetup with other youtube gurus which happened last week. If you follow me on twitter you must have known that I was meeting these ladies at Selfridges.
Oh My God....Everything felt so surreal.Everyone was very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!. I couldn't stop staring at them(Embarrassing ) .

We all had a really wonderful time. We shopped a bit at Selfridges and had amazing italian lunch. On the whole had a wonderful day.
I know you all might be getting eager to have a look at the pics now. So here are some.

                                                             Kathy and Daisy

                                                          Deniz and Kathy

                                                    Kelly and Rebekka 

                                                 Kelly and Rebekka again...

                                                Maria and Diane

                                                   Estee' and Cami


and finally a group photo.

These are the youtube channels
Diane from dianeuk01
Daisy from daisynation
Kelly from jellyminx
Rebekka from beautyandthesoap
Estee' from essiebutton
Kathy from jsutkissmyfrog
Deniz from denizandmakeup

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Don't forget to check and follow the lovely ladies above :)



  1. Aww, that is so nice that you guys had a meet up! I wish I was there! You look very pretty Snig!

  2. wow u r d one unique and look gorgeous.. ur dress is so pretty.. wardrobe background is simply superb..

  3. hey u have changed ur blog profile pic too.. so cute.. i like it.. i like it.. kalakuringa snig..

  4. aww..this is so nice.You look awe struck in the new blog picture.

  5. @Uma-yeah it was a wonderful experience. I definitely missed you...any plans of coming down to london..its beautiful here in summer...

  6. @sange- awwwww thanks a lot...sorry hon... I don't know what kalakuringa means...

  7. @allaboutbeaudee-thanks sweetheart x

  8. snig kalakuringa means its like "u rock".

  9. @sange-oh thanks....which language is that?


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