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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Todays Diet-16/03/11

So as promised I am here to tell you guys what I ate today. My diet. When I say diet it shouldn’t be
misunderstood that I am starving myself or depriving myself from my favourite food. Oh No..I can’t
even dream of doing that. My MANTRA is having everything in moderation.

Anyways I will list out what I had today.

For breakfast:                                                                                                   Calories

2 slices of toast(brown bread)+An omelette                                                          250

At 9 am

Coffee with One tea spoon sugar and very little milk                                               40

At 10

Coffee with One tea spoon sugar and very little milk                                               40

(Usually I avoid this one but today I had a meeting.To survive that I needed a coffee)

At 11

A tiny Orange                                                                                                       45

At 1 for lunch

Sushi                                                                                                                  350


A banana                                                                                                            80

Dinner at 7

Chicken +Rice(I want to avoid rice)                                                                      700

So the total calories today are 1505. The number of calorie intake is what I wanted but my aim is to reduce the number at dinner time. I feel so hungry by the time I come home tired I just hog on the food. Let me know if I can amend something in my eating patterns .I welcome all the suggestions.

PS: My colleague got a cake to work. I stared at  it for two hours with watering mouth but controlled myself and had a banana instead :)


  1. Well done on resisting the cake - I know how you like cake!

    Like I said in an email to you, filling out your dinner with lots of veg and cutting down on the rice portion is what I would do, to help fill up on the good stuff.

    I admire you for doing this and working out your calories, that's dedication :-)

    You're doing great honey.

  2. haha..good job on the cake snig :)

  3. hi singdha i was following u for a long time and i got some ideas to buy new products.. i was following umapreve too but my skin tone matches with u.. it was very helpful for beginners like me.. thanks a lot... no new video tutorials?? y u didn't post your hubby's picture very eager to see!!! what do u think about revlon colorstay foundation if u have used it whats your color range in it??

  4. i really like this but im pretty angry ur not posting>:( so i decided im gonna try to personal message you everyday so you could get annoyed and post wht u ate :).... lol maybe not evryday but i will try:) and also even if you eat somethin unhealthy jst say you did and just workout more that day :)


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