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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review: Inglot Eye Shadows

    So its second day after my LASIK eye surgery and I am feeling better. I am not allowed to wear any eye makeup for a week so can't really make a video but who can stop me from writing a blog post.

    My review on Inglot eye shadows is long pending. So here I am with a short review and some amateur swatches.

    Before the swatches I would like give my opinion on Inglot palette. The pros

  • Best Quality for affordable price
  • Very Pigmented
  • Lots of MAC dupes are available
  • Loads and Loads of shades available 
  • Easy to work with.
 As most of the eye shadows  I own are from MAC so these are the Cons I found in Inglot compared to MAC :
  • I found that these eye shadows are teeny weeny bit powdery hence little fall out(Mind You...Its very negligible )
  • The shadows doesn't have many finishes. Most have lots of glitter. I love glitter though.
  • I would love if they had more Unique colours
Irrespective of the above points I really love my Inglot Palette because its value for money. The same size MAC Palette would have definitely costed me more than twice.

   This is the pic of Shadows I own



  1. Great review!
    Could you please post the e/s #? It is not very helpful if I want to place an order.

  2. Thanks for the review Snig..tiem for me to make an online order from

  3. Hi, hope you're recovering well post surgery. Thanks for the thorough review. I may purchase a few items from Inglot in the IMATS show in NYC this year, it looks nice in the swatches. Great review. Thanks!

  4. @Marielvis- Thanks a lot..Will check the numbers and post soon.
    @Dee-Yes these are a must have
    @Rita-I am doing alright.Thanks for asking.Yes Inglot is a good brand. I really like the eyesahdows and lipgloss duo and cream blush is my fav

  5. very cute blog- I love the layout and the content!

    check out mine if you already haven't:

  6. Snigg....your this inglot purchase made me also buy an inglot pallette of 5 though...just loved it!!!!


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