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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Where did I disappear?

Hey Everyone,

                          Once again sorry for my disappearance. I had been away for so long. Guys!!! I missed blogging so much. The thing is I used to work from home in my previous job but now I changed my job recently and have to go to office so obviously I am not getting enough time. The time I get and that is usually over the weekends I try and upload a video on my youtube channel(By the way, which is one of my other passion).

                        Now I have decided that whatever happens I am going to update my blog regularly but I think I will update everything that's happening in my life and not just beauty related like the places I visit, food I eat and things  I buy.

                       Let me know what you guys think about it. Please comment below and let me know.


Loads of love until next blog:)

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