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Sunday, 27 February 2011

What I did over the weekend?

Today is sunday evening and it is the perfect time to write a blog on what I did over the weekend. I actually wanted to go out some where open where I could get some fresh air. I am so bored of sitting all the time in front of computer(My job demands me to do so). Unlucky me and it was raining and more over hubby was watching cricket(World cup is going on).

So by evening I got into really sour mood that I couldn't go out and hubby decided that we will go to Leicester Square(Central London) for dinner. I love central London. It has a kind of magic in the air.Anyways we started at 10 in the nite and spend out time till 1 am . I really loved my pizza dinner at Pizza Express.

Sorry for looking like as if I was praying to god. I was not yet ready for the pic and couldnt take one more as the battery got over.LOL..
Thats what I was wearing yesterday. Oh No..I am not trying to do OOTD because I don't have that many outfits.

This was the makeup I was wearing yesterday.Nothing special just the classic red lips and I had put my hair in a bun(Lazy me).
Today I had a lazy day in my couch again watching cricket.

Comment below and let me know how you enjoyed your weekend


  1. Hey Snig...Love your top and the blazer just complimented the color.
    This world cup you husband's waking up @4:00 am every Saturday to watch.
    I just spent my weekend doing some grocery shopping and a little makeup shopping which I featured in my Feb favs video.Sunday was lazy though

  2. Just noticed you updated your blog :-) You look great!

  3. @allaboutbeaudee-Thanks a lot..Yes even I spend my weekends reading mags and books. This weekend I got my laser done so obviously hubby was taking care of me:)

    @Rita-Thanks a lot for the follow:)


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