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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lush Flying Fox

                   As promised I am back with one more blog and I intend to do that every single day. I am going to record atleast one event of my day everyday through this blog. I really hope you guys will enjoy and I will also feel good to go through after few years.

                   So today I want to talk about a product which I am loving these days. It is not a beauty product but  is a bath product and that is Flying Fox Shower Gel from Lush.

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              I have a habit of taking shower after the tiring day at work.Since the time I started using this shower gel I feel really relaxed after the shower and I am in love with the scent.The calming Jasmine scent induces sleep. My husband says that I smell really good after using this shower gel so I am more and more in Love with this shower gel.

            According to the Lush website this shower gel has various ingredients like Jasmine,ylang,cypress and palmarosa. It is available in three sizes 100g,250g and 500g. I own a 100g bottle. I wanted to try the shower gel before buying the bigger one.Now I am definitely going to purchase the large bottle. So ladies go ahead and buy this shower gel and make your hubbies and boy friends go crazy over you.

             If you have already used this product please let me know what you think about this.


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