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Friday, 15 October 2010

One more Barry Mmmmagic

Hey Everyone,

                          Yesterday  I was at orford circus Topshop and saw that they have Barry M products and I ran towards the counter just to check that if there are any new products.I love Barry M nailpolishes because they offer wide range of colours with good quality but in low price.

                          So my eyes fell over a colour in the nail polishes and a thought popped into my head "Wait!!! I have seen this colour somewhere. OMG its similar to chanel paradoxal". Without giving any more thought I just went ahead and bought this colour.

                          So this colour is Dusky Mauve from Barry M. I tried it today and now I won't say that its exactly same as Paradoxal but little more of the violet microshimmers would have definitely made it same. Nevertheless its still a good dupe for less than 3 pounds. Here are some of the pics I have taken,

[With flash]

 Colour: Its a dull mauve colour with Violet microshimmers which looks beautiful in the sun where as indoors the mauve colour dominates.

Application/ Finish: I have always Liked Barry M polishes but I guess the application of this one is way better than the others . Two coats of polish is more than enough and it dries glossy.

Price: Its £2.95 and believe me its worth.

My Verdict: Go for it before its sold out. I absolutely love this colour. Its a fall must have.
Also please comment below what do you think about this product.


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